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Corporate Philosophy

Toppan Mind Wellness started off as an internal venture of Toppan Printing ( in 2002 after conducting exchanges across industries and is a consultation company that assists clients in achieving human resource/organizational development.

By improving individual independence and motivation as well as interpersonal communication, our company provides services to activate organizations and individuals to establish good communication within the organizations.

Company Mission

We support human growth and organizational innovation to establish a society with mind and consideration through dialogue and introspection as an objective facilitator.

Business Contents

Contents 1


"Training program to draw out leadership"
We develop and offer programs that focus on acting proactively (making the other party act) and people who have gone through the training will attain "bird's eyes".

  • Communication skill training (E.g. Coaching, Facilitation)
  • Business skill training (E.g. Strategy Planning, Marketing)
Contents 2

Consultation to develop organizations

“Supporting the creation of organization to achieve results”
We provide consultation services for organizational development to support the creation of organizations that produces results by bridging training and the workplace as well as promoting hands-on learning experience.

  • Establishing member relationships through conversations and fostering sense of ownership
  • E.g. Promotion of problem solving as a team
Contents 3


We evaluate the employees’ viewpoints on the status of the organization and how they view themselves as an individual working there based on a 5-point grading scale, and support the company’s strategic and human resource developments.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name


Date of Establishment

April 2002


1-5-1 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8560, Japan


10 million yen


Representative Director and President Reiko Iwasaki

Business Contents

Education and consultation service for personal and workplace activation

  1. Assessment of individuals and organizations
  2. Training
  3. Organizational consultation
  4. Provision of information to individuals and organizations
Accounting Month

End of March